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Drain Cleaning Specialists in San Ramon, CA

It doesn't matter how many precautions you take, everyone has had a valuable possession or object swallowed by the sink or drain. When this happens you will need a professional drain cleaner to retrieve the object and/or unblock your pipe. Don't try to rely on store bought cleaners. Our drain experts utilize environmentally friendly chemicals and equipment to remove built up grease and soap that the generics can't handle. Contact us today at 925-858-6014 and get your pipes flowing like new again.
Drain clogs are a problem for every homeowner at some point. Materials get stuck in toilet and sink drains or build up over time and result in slow drains or overflows. If your plunger won't move the clog, you need something a little more powerful. Drain technicians often use an auger or a hydro jet when clogs just won't budge. Each is designed for different types of clogs. Drain snakes consist of a long metal tube at one end with a cable inside that has a corkscrew auger or blades attached, and is connected to a rotating machine to crank the at the other end. The cable end of the snake is placed in the drain and you turn the crank end to extend the cable down the drain. When it reaches the clog you can feel the resistance and must turn the crank to push through the clog and then pull it out of the drain. When operating a drain cleaning machine, One must be very careful because if handled incorrectly, you could cause serious bodily injury. Call a professional, call us at 925-858-6014.
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